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The Law Offices of Greg A. Digby & Associates is committed to the client’s successful outcome in civil litigation.  To be successful requires a unique insight to the complex nature of civil litigation and the ability to work towards resolution.  The Law Offices of Greg A. Digby & Associates uses all its resources from within and expertise from supporting attorneys with specialized knowledge outside the Law Office to ensure that the needs of the client are met within the measure of the law.  The Law Offices of Greg A. Digby & Associates will aggressively prosecute, defend, and serve as an advocate in all aspects of civil litigation.


At the law offices of Greg A. Digby & Associates in Dallas, Texas we offer experienced civil litigation assistance to our clients. Our Texas civil litigation attorneys have focused their efforts on the underlying legal issues involved in each case. Our firm provides a wide range of services to our clients, so if you need a lawyer in the Dallas area or anywhere in Texas just give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!